Law and Public Policy

What the Future Holds: Balancing Law, Liberty and National Security

On Friday November 4, 2011 The Florida International Law Review will host their Fall 2011 Symposium.  The topic is What the Future Holds: Balancing Law, Liberty and National Security.  I will be participating in Panel III- Looking Back to Shape the Future: How Foreign Policy will Affect Law, Liberty and National Security.

Here is the symposium teaser:
The rise of transnational terrorism and evolving threats to the national security of the United States has forced remarkable changes in United States foreign and domestic policy. The United States’ various strategies and policies for coping with these threats are celebrated by some and rejected by others. This symposium will focus on the law as well as related policy, political, and societal implications of national security policy. How do we balance liberty and individual freedoms with national security in today’s America? Where do we go from here?

The full schedule appears after the break.

9:15-10:45                   Panel 1:  From Terrorism to Modern Warfare: A New Legal Reality?

Professor Jeremy A.  Rabkin; George Mason University School of Law; member, Board of Directors of the United States Institute of Peace
Mr. Robert Alt; The Heritage Foundation
Mr. William C. Banks; Director, Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism; co-author, National Security Law and Counterterrorism Law
Moderator: Colonel Rodger Drew, U.S. Southern Command

11:00-12:30                 Panel 2:  National Security 2.0: Economic Markets and Technological Advancements

Professor Noah Weisbord, Assistant Professor of Law, FIU College of Law
Becky Norton Dunlop;  Vice President of External Relations,  The Heritage Foundation
Scheherazade Rehman;  Professor of International Affairs, Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University
Professor Michael Greenberger; University of Maryland
Moderator: Professor Hannibal Travis, FIU College of Law

3:00-4:30                     Panel 3:  Looking Back to Shape the Future: How Foreign Policy will Affect Law, Liberty and National Security

John Stack, Professor of Politics and International Relations and Law; Interim Director, School of International and Public Affairs,  Florida International University
Michael W. Lewis; Assistant Professor of Law, Northern Ohio University
Gregory S. McNeal; Associate Professor of Law, Pepperdine University School of Law
Moderator: Kendall Coffey, Esq.; former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Florida


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