My Ultimate Zoom DSLR Setup

I’ve got a really good Zoom setup that I am 100% happy with.  It is a bit pricier, but it is future proofed.  There’s a cheaper way to do it, but you get what you pay for.

I need a good setup because I teach on-line during COVID (and we have an MLS program on-line and are considering adding some permanent on-line JD courses).  That, plus the fact that I do TV and paid speaking, and like everyone else, I think someday I might have a YouTube channel/video podcast, led me to this setup.

Here is what my full set up entails:

TOTAL COST:  $2671.03,  (plus tax, so all in I was at about $2950).

You could spend less on the camera, and save $800 but you won’t be futureproofed.  Off brand Cam Link cards are out now for $30.  The Mic was a splurge (but with this mic you can put it on top of the DSLR and be mobile, plus it is powered.  Here’s a video on the best Mic for YouTubers).  The Gorilla Pod was also a splurge (but it is also useful for going mobile for Vlogging) so there’s probably another $200 to be saved there.

All in, you could probably do this for $1100 less than what I did.  Maybe cheaper with more research (although this was pretty heavily researched against what the top YouTubers are doing right now).

If you want more options, Garry Tan’s Zoom setup tips are pretty good too.

Gregory S. McNeal

Along with being a successful entrepreneur, I am a tenured Professor of Law and Public Policy at Pepperdine University. I teach courses related to technology, law, and policy, and serve as a faculty member with the Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship.


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