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10 Best CRM Software Tools For Nonprofits

Recently, more organizations, including nonprofits, have realized the importance of technology in accomplishing their tasks. From storing data to assigning tasks and improving communications, there are so many things you can depend on technology to do for you.

At the top of this efficient office technology is CRM software, which is a tool responsible for managing all your organization’s interactions and relationships with clients and potential clients. With it, you can streamline processes and increase profitability.

Finding the right CRM software for nonprofits is essential, as that’ll go a long way in determining the outcome of your fundraising strategies. I’ve served on the board of or as an advisor to several non-profits and know how challenging it can be to sift through the several resources out there, so I had my team put together the ten best CRM software tools for nonprofits.

What Are The Best CRM Software Tools for NonProfits?

If you own a nonprofit organization, you’d need a CRM tool—that’s one of the ways to ensure that your business runs smoothly without complications. To help you select the tool that works for you, my team has selected the top three Nonprofit CRM tools and has provided an Overview of some other great selections below.

The top three CRM software that you can never go wrong with are Bitrix24, Salsa CRM, and Kindful. These three CRM tools that are highlighted here combine some of the best all-around qualities ranging from marketing automation tools to donor management features and reporting tools.

Let’s look at these top software tools in detail, as well as other top picks.

1. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a free nonprofit CRM software suitable for any industry, thanks to its customization features. The platform is more or less like a business management solution because it offers modules for e-commerce, sales and marketing, human resources, and project management.

One thing that makes Bitrix24 a popular choice among several organizations is its free plan. Most nonprofits usually need to operate on a tight budget, so free tools like this are helpful. With the free option, unlimited users can track donor data, manage projects, organize volunteers, process donations, and build a fundraising site.

Still, organizations have to note that Bitrix24 isn’t a typical nonprofit CRM software, so you’d have to customize its features if you want to use it for that purpose.


  • Helps businesses to organize, plan, and collaborate on community projects and important events
  • It can also be used for email marketing, as well as generating quotes and invoices
  • A free nonprofit CRM software that supports multiple users
  • Allows for workflow and marketing automation and features lead and contact management
  • Many top features are available for free, so some organizations might not need to upgrade to a paid plan to use the software solution
  • Takes less than one minute to set up the tool and start using it for your daily operations
  • Integrates smoothly with social media networks, with an option to let users discuss in instant messengers or group chats


Bitrix24 pricing plans include Free, Basic ($49/month), Standard ($99/month), and Professional ($199/month).

Our take

Bitrix24 is the best free cloud-based solution for nonprofits. This is the best platform if you’re running on a budget and want to access software that provides most of your CRM needs. You can check out the product here.

2. Salsa CRM


Salsa CRM is the software you need to make the best out of your fundraising efforts, campaigns, and outreaches. This is because the platforms come with a SmartEngagement technology that uses marketing automation, machine learning, and intelligent reporting to give you the best experiences.

Salsa comes with some of the most efficient donor management tools, such as robust donor profiles, inbuilt donation pages, multichannel advocacy, peer-to-peer fundraising tools, etc. All these make it easy for nonprofits to improve their fundraising capabilities and make the best out of their mission.

To top it all off, this CRM solution is packed with some advanced features like mobile donations, donation matching, list segmentation, grant and gift management, and more, all to ensure that nonprofit organizations can have the best results.


  • Accepts various donation types on its platform, including one-time, customized, and recurring donations
  • Donation pages are mobile-friendly and easily customizable with the drag-and-drop function
  • Pre-built segmentation allows you to organize data such as major donors, petition signees, and new subscribers
  • Smoothly integrates with DonorSearch and WealthEngine to help you improve your campaigns, reduce acquisition costs, grow your audience, and increase revenue
  • Features donor profiles to track donor’s history and predict future outcomes in terms of support and contributions
  • Doubles as a digital marketing software by incorporating emails and social media platforms
  • Customize sections based on activities like gift size, event attendance, and supporter interaction


Salsa’s Pricing plans are based on your organization’s needs. Contact the team to get a quote.

Our take

You can improve your fundraising efforts with Salsa CRM software, thanks to its different donation types and friendly interface. Other businesses besides nonprofits can make good use of some of its unique features. Check out the product here.

3. Kindful


Kindful is a nonprofit CRM that takes fundraising to another level with its vast array of communications, outreaches, and donor management tools. No matter what subscription you’re operating on, teams get unhindered access to top features like task management, email marketing, event registration, etc.

The icing on the cake is the platform’s premium reporting tools, which you can use for external and internal purposes. Even better, Kindful allows you to automatically generate tax summary pages and donation receipts and auto-send them to donors as needed.

Overall, the platform is your go-to CRM software if you’re all for functionality and simplicity. However, it doesn’t come with a free plan, so new or small nonprofit organizations might find it too expensive.


  • Teams can set up donation pages and forms to manage contributors and track donations, donors, and nondonors with its automated tracking tools
  • Organizations can set up landing pages for event registration, ticket sales, and attendee tracking
  • Generates automatic tax summaries for donations which you can also send to supporters
  • Helps with relationship tracking, as there’s a site for donor and contact records where users can link identities based on the relationships among donors
  • Features crowdfunding pages that you can share for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Donor receipts are automated, so a donor will get an automatic email receipt as soon as they make a contribution
  • Smoothly integrated with Twitter and Facebook so that volunteers and donors can stay up-to-date on activities.
  • Integrations with social platforms provide you access to your donors’ social media contacts so that you can create new connections without doing much
  • Teams can save and share the letter and email templates for future marketing campaigns
  • Has unlimited scheduled reporting features to help you keep track of activities and performances


Kindful’s Pricing plans include 1,000 contacts ($100/month), 5,000 contacts ($200/month), 15,000 contacts ($300/month), 25,000 contacts ($400/month), 40,000 ($500/month), 55,000 ($600/month), and 70,000 contacts ($700/month). Contact the team to get a custom quote for over 70,000 contacts.

Our take

Kindful has all it takes for nonprofits to thrive, from donor management features to event management, tracking, and reporting tools. You can try out the product here.

4. Neon CRM


Neon CRM is a nonprofit CRM solution that handles everything from scratch, including processing donations and creating supporter profiles. With the software, you can also store contact data, run outreach campaigns, manage events, etc. You can use the platform to build fundraising web pages and campaigns.

One of the things that we particularly love about Neon CRM is that it has two software systems. The first is for nonprofits, while the other caters to managing members such as professional organizations, trade associations, and chambers of commerce. Still, its donor, contact, and member management tools are helpful for any activities.

Users can also store their activity data and contact information on the site, which helps in relationship management because you can link it to other records in the software solution.


  • Helps you keep track of donors through offline and online donations
  • Features fundraising actions that let you receive donations from several avenues, including emails, website forms, membership renewals, and event registrations
  • Customized web forms and automated emails help in engaging donors, board members, and volunteers
  • Customized e-commerce sites to sell nonprofit products
  • With its automated task management function, you can set reminders, design to-do lists, and create workflow automation to perform activities more efficiently
  • With premade templates, you can create and send automated campaigns
  • Can create peer-to-peer, fundraiser, donation, and event pages for online contributions and registrations


Neon CRM’s Pricing plans include Essentials ($99/month), Impact ($199/month), and Empower ($399/month).

Our take

Neon CRM is the best nonprofit CRM software for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. With extensive features and management tools, this is one software solution to have in your corner. You can check out the product here.

5. Blackbaud


Blackbaud is another popular name you’d hear in the CRM solution ecosystem for several reasons. For one, the platforms have two different CRM solutions, and you can choose either based on the size and needs of your organization.

The first one is Blackbaud CRM, which is designed to cater to large-scale organizations, while the other is Raiser’s Edge which is suitable for growing and mid-sized organizations. No matter which software solutions you choose, you’ll always find everything you need for your nonprofit to thrive.

Another perk of this donor management software is that it helps you with real-time information updates even when donors are inputting their data with their smartphones. With other top benefits like integrated analytics, relationship management tools, data mining services, and multichannel marketing, you can always build and maintain strong relationships.


  • Has ResearchPoint to help you identify wealth and connections and draw conclusions based on that data
  • Features lead tracking to help you keep in touch with a supporter from the initial donation until they become a significant contributor
  • With its cultivation tools, you can sniff out potential donors in your donor database
  • Features unique inbuilt email campaign functions
  • Helps to manage several fundraising teams, unite multidimensional relationships, and define responsibilities across board members
  • Allows current and potential donors to update important information via their smartphones
  • Features a customizable website that encourages social networking and engagement, which will, in turn, help you grow your online presence


You can request Pricing as per the product you want.

Our take

Small, mid-sized, and large nonprofits can always find what they need on Blackbaud. Check out the product here.

6. Bloomerang


Bloomerang’s primary focus is to help nonprofits build and maintain long-lasting relationships with their contributors and increase support and funds yearly. This is why the software has some of the best tools and features and is designed by experts who know precisely what the nonprofit CRM software needs to meet your goals.

One of the best things about Bloomerang is that you can collect donations anywhere and anytime, thanks to its dynamic donation button and multiple donation forums and pages. Also, with marketing and engagement tools, you can always connect with and grow your target audience.

Then, there’s the reporting and analytics feature, where you can seamlessly generate accurate reports for future reference and plan a better course of action. In essence, with the free version of Bloomerang, you can build a thriving nonprofit and make fundraising easier.


  • Features social listening, which helps you to track your company’s social media presence
  • Rich donor profiles are personalized to handle your organization’s specific needs
  • Smoothly integrates with top-rated solutions such as Mailchimp, DonorSearch, Qgiv, Fundraise Up, etc.
  • With smart reporting tools, you can configure your CRM software to highlight only crucial information for you and your team members
  • Donor management scoring lets you measure all communications and engagements between your organization and a donor
  • Features wealth screening to help you rate your contacts in terms of donated funds
  • You can move data from other CRM solutions like Salsa CRM, Blackbaud, Salesforce, NeonCRM, etc.


Bloomerang’s Pricing plans include 1,000 contacts ($99/month), 5,000 contacts ($199/month), 15,000 contacts ($299/month), 25,000 contacts ($399/month), 40,000 contacts ($499/month), and 60,000 contacts ($599/month).

Our take

If your organization needs to do more without denting its wallet, then Bloomerang’s free option is enough to get you started. Begin your fundraising journey here.

7. DonorPerfect


DonorPerfect is one of the most comprehensive CRM software that you can find. With this software, you can save complete donor profiles, build relationships, and automate different activities and events for your organization.

At the software’s core is its top-notch integration feature that allows nonprofits to gather important donor data and gather them all in one place for easy access. You can customize this software to attend to your specific needs and create branded donation forms to make your goals easier to achieve.

DonorPerfect also boasts an awesome support team to help you get started on the platform. After purchasing the software, an expert team will partner with you to ensure you get the hang of everything you need on the program to fulfill your mission.


  • Boasts a clean layout which is perfect for seamless data entry
  • DonorPerfect has an internal payment processing system that lets you collect funds easily
  • When a donor sends their contribution, an automatic donor acknowledgment gift will be sent to the supporter
  • With the auction management tool, you can run your nonprofit’s mobile, silent, online, and live auctions
  • Donation forms are mobile-friendly and are capable of capturing potential supporters’ attention and enticing them to donate
  • Training is available to help you make the most out of the tools on this nonprofit CRM
  • Features an advanced reporting tool to help you pick out a donation or donor without hassle


DonorPerfect Pricing plans include Lite ($99/month), Express ($179/month), Essentials ($299/month), Premier ($499/month), and Enterprise ($799/month).

Our take

DonorPerfect is excellent for people new to CRM software because it offers a smooth onboarding process with a support team to help you get used to the platform. You can try out the product here.

8. EveryAction


If you desire adequate fundraising, organizing, and digital tools to carry out your organization’s goals, you should consider getting EveryAction. Even better, the platform features workflow automation tools and moves management, which are vital to helping you build solid relationships with your supporters.

Also, the platform features forms with integrated text messaging, one-click actions, and Zoom events to help provide the best of services to supporters. Furthermore, because of its multichannel function, you can coordinate offline and online outreaches in the same system.

Since the software manages all your integrations and data, you can focus on more important things, like building connections and creating long-lasting impressions.


  • EveryAction has volunteer management tools to help you keep all your contributors’ details in a centralized database
  • Event management software allows you to sell tickets, drive engagement, and receive registrations
  • There are gift management tools to help you track donation pledges and gift cultivation
  • Politically-inclined nonprofits can use voter contact tools with outreaches and canvassing
  • Comes with a drag-and-drop creator to help you send many emails per month without requiring the services of a designer
  • Comes with a voting-age population file that contains consumer data, contact data, and models
  • You’ll find predictive analysis that’ll help you scale up your fundraising efforts and produce better results


You can request a demo and make inquiries on the Pricing via the company’s website.

Our take

No matter the size of your organization, EveryAction has all the technology and features to grow your supporters and donors. You can get the free demo here.

9. 360MatchPro


360MatchPro is an initiative by Double the Donation that helps nonprofits of all types with a fantastic matching gift system. This system allows nonprofits to offer matching gift options to donors and follow them up throughout their supporting journey.

This CRM solution utilizes Double the Donation’s matching gift database to help donors easily discover their eligibility for matching gifts. Also, nonprofits can screen donor information for personalized and automated matching gift follow-ups to increase the number of secured matches and, by extension, total match revenue.


  • With its top-notch security protocols, you can be sure that donors’ data are safe and secure
  • Its tracking features allow you to monitor match-eligible contributions in your database
  • Automated acknowledgments will send automatic thank-you emails when a donor sends in a matching gift request, and you receive it
  • Helps you to recognize different matching gift opportunities via other options like domain screening, bulk uploads, and more
  • You can set up personalized emails and let 360MatchPro send them directly through an email address on your nonprofit’s domain


360MatchPro’s pricing plans include Standard for small nonprofits ($999/year), Standard ($1500/year), and Enterprise (Custom Price).

Our take

If your nonprofit organization wants a platform for matching gift fundraising, then 360MatchPro is the one for you. You can check out the product here.

10. Salesforce


Salesforce is a cloud-based software that helps organizations find more clients and provide premium services, leaving customers in awe. With this platform, you can be sure to establish long-term relationships with your donors.

It allows any organization to create customized engagement plans that monitor donor movements. This feature also benefits nonprofits that would like to boost their fundraising and volunteering efforts.

Even better, the platform allows you to manage in-kind and memorial gifts to improve donor relationships. It also has an AppExchange marketplace, where you can browse through several customized apps to help you create a well-rounded personalized CRM solution.


  • Salesforce boasts project management features that make it more than just fundraising software.
  • A wide range of apps and integrations to attend to the specific needs of your organization
  • Customizable and robust donor profiles
  • Unique dashboard and reporting features to pick from; this comes with other personalized options
  • Can help create new groups of possible donors and reach them with a personalized market campaign
  • Can be used by both nonprofit and for-profit organizations
  • Besides English, the nonprofit CRM supports other languages like German, Spanish, and Japanese


To get Salesforce pricing plans, you can contact its team for more information.

Our take

While Salesforce is great for nonprofits, other companies can also enjoy its features and benefits. You can check out the product here.

How Are Non-Profit CRMs Used?

As a nonprofit organization, it’s essential to manage your time and efforts to achieve your mission in the best possible way. This is where CRM software for nonprofits comes in. With them, you can ensure that you take the proper steps toward your goals.

Here are different ways you can use nonprofit CRMS in your organization:

Better Constituent Relationship Management

A nonprofit CRM allows you to store all your donor information under one umbrella. That way, it’s easy for you to monitor donation history, giving trends, and donor communication. With this information, you can improve relationships with old supporters while also identifying prospective ones.

Data Management

Nonprofit CRM software lets you store all your constituent data in a centralized and secure database. Therefore, teams and volunteers can always access whatever information they need whenever they need it. You can be sure that all your data is safe.

Event Planning and Management

In terms of event planning and management, a nonprofit CRM will come in handy in different ways. For one, it’ll help you monitor all the event details, including the time, date, location, and attendees. You can also use the software to gather necessary information from attendees and collect donations from the event.

Better Donation Revenue

With a nonprofit CRM, you can easily receive donations from supporters and improve donor communications and relations. Then you can also use the platform to get detailed reports on donation activities, which can inform the next steps you need to take to encourage more donations. All these will help to increase the number of donations your receive.

Wrap-Up Regarding NonProfit CRMs

Choosing the right CRM software is essential for nonprofits to optimize their fundraising and campaigning strategies. By selecting the right tool, you can unlock the full potential of technology and take your nonprofit to the next level. With a range of software options available, you can find the perfect fit for your organization’s unique needs.

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