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The Best Photo Editing Service for Instagram, Blogs, and Websites

In the online marketing world, high-quality images can be the difference between a high-converting blog, website, or social media account, and one that sends visitors running for the exits.

With that said, not every online entrepreneur has graphic design know-how or the budget to hire a graphic designer.

So what are they to do?

For starters, they can consider using a photo editing service. These services can help entrepreneurs like you remove backgrounds, touch-up portraits, cut out products, and more. And if you stick around, you’ll know the best online services available for photo editing by the end of this article.

What Are the Best Photo Editing Services for Instagram, Blogs, and Websites?

A photo editing service will be essential when you don’t have graphic design skills or the budget to hire a freelance graphic designer. These services perform tasks that make your Instagram and website images look their best, like cutting out objects from pictures with laser precision and airbrushing flaws from portraits.

My team has selected the top three photo editing services and has provided an overview of some other great selections below. The three photo editing services highlighted as the best here combine some of the best all-around qualities ranging from delivery time, ease of use, and breadth of services. They’re Clipping Path Source, Fix the Photo, and Packshot Clipping.

1. Clipping Path Source


Clipping Path Source offers professional photo editing services geared toward e-commerce and product photography. The service boasts a quick delivery time and claims to be able to handle almost any volume of images within 24 hours. And it employs talented photo editors and retouchers to work on its customers’ projects.

Some services this photo editing company provides include background removal, photo restoration, portrait retouching, image masking and clipping path services, and light and contrast harmonization.


  • This service can repair pictures with faded colors, making your old photographs look good as new
  • The company’s photo retouching services can help to fix the eyes and hair of photograph subjects
  • It has an excellent product photo editing service that you can use to isolate your products from photos with busy backgrounds
  • The service provides 24-hour support to all customers, meaning you can connect with a customer services representative whenever you need help
  • It provides image masking services, meaning you can remove unwanted objects from your photos using non-destructive means
  • It uses a straightforward payment system (PayPal or credit card), so you can easily place orders and checkout


Clipping Path Source offers three services.

The Clipping Path service starts at $0.39 per image for basic paths. Simple paths cost $0.99, while complex paths cost $6.99 per image.

The Color Correction service starts at $0.49 per image. Exposure correction costs $0.49, while color conversion costs $7.

Finally, the Photo Retouching service starts at $0.49 per image for object removal. The basic retouch costs $2.15, while a glamour retouch costs $6.99.

Bottom line

If you have many images that need to be retouched or edited quickly, Clipping Path Source is worth considering. This photo retouching company has a 24-hour turnaround time and can handle bulk orders.

Also, this is a great photo editing service for e-commerce store owners, as it offers services like background replacement and image masking. And its clipping path service is excellent for product ads. Check out the service here.

2. Fix the Photo


Fix the Photo is an image editing service that was established in 2003. The company has a team of staff that offer professional photo editing services over the internet. And its photo editing commission process is straightforward: upload your images, provide your requirements, and Fix the Photo will deliver the project to your specifications.

Some of the many services this professional photo editing service provides include wedding retouching, portrait retouching, skin retouching, manipulating photos, and restoration of old photos.


  • Its wedding photo retouching services can enhance photos of the “happiest day of your life”, making the occasion appear more magical
  • You can use its image manipulation services to airbrush away imperfections, excess weight, cellulite, and more
  • Its product photography services will make your e-commerce offerings more appealing by removing busy backgrounds, enhancing lighting and shadow, etc.
  • The service can restore photos by removing tears, wrinkles, and blotches and correcting color and contrast
  • Its real estate editing service can enhance images of your listings, possibly landing you buyers
  • The commission process is straightforward (upload your images, provide instructions, and Fix the Photo does the rest)


Fix the Photo has five pricing tiers. The Basic tier costs $2.50 per photo, the Pro tier costs $6 per photo, the High-End and Extra tiers cost $12 per photo, and Photo Manipulations and Restorations cost $30.

It also has a wedding photo editing service ($0.25 a photo), product photo editing services ($0.99 a photo), jewelry photo editing services ($6 a photo), and real estate photo editing services ($1.50 a photo).

Bottom line

Fix the Photo is best for people new to services like it. Its commission process is incredibly straightforward, as simple as two steps. And the company offers various services, from basic editing to advanced retouching and everything in between.

In addition, this service will appeal to professionals (e.g., wedding photographers) and hobbyists. The former individuals can enhance their photos to entice clients, while the latter can make themselves look better. It offers a free trial here.

3. Packshot Clipping


Packshot Clipping is a photography business that specializes in clipping paths. The service can help you extract objects from your images for use in other compositions. It doesn’t matter how complex the object’s path is: Packshot Clipping will clip it out cleanly with the object’s edges intact.

This service strives to deliver orders quickly without sacrificing quality. Also, it provides 24-hour support. And besides image clipping services, it also offers masking, high-end photo retouching (models), and product recoloring.


  • The service will cleanly clip objects from your images with their edges intact, so you can re-use them in other compositions
  • It aims to deliver orders quickly without sacrificing quality, offering 24-hour support for any inquiries you may have or issues you may face
  • Professional photographers who specialize in fashion photos can let the service retouch their models
  • You can use the service to recolor objects in images, mask objects out of images, give your products a reflection, and more
  • It can create shadows for your clipped images, enhancing objects like products and jewelry against blank backgrounds


Packshot Clipping offers four main services. Its service for making Ghost Mannequins costs $0.80 apiece. For Clipping Paths, it charges $0.25 a pop. The E-commerce Image Editing service costs $0.60 an image. And its Image Retouch service costs $1 an image.

All services have 24-hour support and use a secure File Transfer Protocol when receiving and returning projects. Also, all projects pass through a 3-step quality control process before delivery to the client.

Bottom line

Product photographers and e-commerce store owners will benefit the most from using Packshot Clipping. This service focuses on extracting subjects and objects from images, so you can save time and energy spent on this menial image editing task.

Also, the Packshot Clipping product enhancement service is excellent for making products more appealing with natural-looking shadows and reflections. And it offers an excellent model retouching service for fashion photographers. It offers a free trial here.

4. Picfast


Picfast offers high-end retouching services and a laundry list of Photoshop services. The service can help you edit your photos in many ways, including swapping the faces of human subjects, removing a person from an image, swapping the background around a human subject, and more.

In addition, Picfast offers portrait retouching services. The service can also edit your real estate and product photos to make them look more appealing to your prospective customers. And it offers a photo restoration service for worn-out pictures.


  • Picfast excels at face swapping, meaning you can take your face in one picture and superimpose it on your body in another
  • The service excels at extracting and replacing the background around a picture’s subject with interesting results
  • Its photo restoration service can bring your old pictures to life and all the precious memories that come with that
  • Picfast can airbrush your portraits to make you look your best, editing-out blemishes, spots, and other skin imperfections
  • Its photo manipulation service can help you make interesting image composites, transforming a normal image into a fantastical one


Picfast offers six main services: General Photo Editing, Portrait Retouching, Old Photo Restoration, Photo Manipulation, Product Photo Editing, and Real Estate Photo Editing.

Each one has several sub-services with different prices. For example, under the Portrait Photo Editing category, there are sub-services like Skin Smoothing and Toning, Teeth Whitening, and Eye Correction, and Braces Removal, all with a uniform $5 cost. Meanwhile, General Photo Editing sub-services like Body Slimming ($10) and Remove Objects ($5) vary in price.

Bottom line

Picfast is an excellent service for non-professionals who want to make professional edits to their photos. The service does all the heavy lifting for you, so beautiful image retouches and wonderful image composites will be within your reach, even if you don’t know how to use photo manipulation software.

Also, this service caters to entrepreneurs, particularly in the e-commerce and real estate industries, so you can use it to make your marketing images more appealing. It offers a free demo here.

5. Pixelz


Pixelz is a company of professional retouchers that predominantly offers retouching services. This service leverages the power of artificial intelligence to make retouches at scale, meaning it’s capable of servicing thousands of images every day (40,000+).

There’s an improvised dashboard that you can use to track your orders and receive real-time notifications about their status.

The offered services encompass a range of tasks such as clipping paths, background removal, color matching, and the use of invisible mannequins. Remarkably, the speedy delivery system enables the completion and dispatch of orders within an hour.


  • With the help of a powerful AI, Pixelz processes over 40,000 images daily, meaning you can make bulk orders
  • The service aims to fulfill orders quickly and, in some cases, can deliver customers’ work in an hour
  • Pixelz provides a dashboard you can use to track your order, making its service incredibly transparent 
  • Its ghost mannequin service will help you hide the mannequins underneath your fashion photos and make them e-commerce-ready
  • Its color-changing service lets you offer your products in several colors, providing your customers with more variety


Pixelz has two plans: E-commerce and Editorial.

Under the E-commerce plan, there are two subscription tiers: Professional, which costs $95 monthly, and Enterprise, which costs $1,995 monthly. The Professional tier has a next-morning turnaround time, while the Enterprise tier has a 3-hour turnaround time.

The Editorial plan has a custom price. You’ll need to speak to a member of the Pixelz team to get its price.

Bottom line

E-commerce entrepreneurs benefit the most from using the service Pixelz provides. It’s a high-powered production process, meaning the company can edit multiple product photos for you in the least amount of time, with typical turnaround times ranging between a couple of hours to 24 hours.

Also, the Pixelz Platform dashboard will provide peace of mind to busy entrepreneurs by letting them monitor their order’s progress in real-time. Check out the service here.

6. Ephotovn


Ephotovn provides “image-editing solutions for e-commerce and photographic studios”. This service offers everything from background removal to image masking and retouching. And you can send the company a test image and your editing requirements to get an idea of the quality of its work before putting your money down.

In addition, Ephotovn edits real estate, wedding, and jewelry photos. Also, it offers clipping path services for the clean extraction of products in busy images. And it has a 24-hour turnaround time for most orders. 


  • Ephotovn lets you test-run its service with a sample image of your choosing, letting you get an idea of the quality of its work before paying
  • It delivers most orders in 24 hours, saving you time while letting you use your image assets for your business efficiently.
  • Its background removal service is top-notch, providing you with cleanly-extracted products for use in your e-commerce listings
  • Ephotovn’s image masking service lets you remove objects from images non-destructively while preserving the original
  • Its retouching service can enhance your product images (jewelry, real estate, etc.) to make them look more appealing to customers


Ephotovn offers many services at different prices. For example, its jewelry service starts at $5 apiece, while wedding photos startups $0.3 an image. Most services share the same characteristics (i.e., color correction, dodge and burn, background removal, etc.).

We suggest you look through the pricing page on the Ephotovn website to get a feel for the particular services you think you’ll need.

Bottom line

Ephotovn is aimed at e-commerce and photography studios, so these business types stand to benefit from using the service for their photo editing needs. The service’s 24-hour turnaround time will appeal to businesses that need their images processed quickly.

Additionally, individuals can also use the service to touch up photos of their newborn or themselves, while photography professionals in the fashion industry can take advantage of its model retouching service. Check out the service here.

7. FixiPixi


FixiPixi is a Canadian image editing service with over eight years of experience editing photos. The company services e-commerce entrepreneurs, graphic design agencies, product photographers, and other professionals. And it offers two free trials to help you decide whether the quality of its work is worth your money.

Some of its many services include retouching, color matching, and clipping path. The service aims to turn around orders in 12 hours. And it provides free unlimited revisions on all orders.


  • You can try the service before you buy to determine whether the quality of its work meets your requirements
  • The service has a short 12-hour turnaround time, so you can get your work as soon as possible
  • FixiPixi is an established service that has been in the image editing business for 8+ years, meaning it has a wealth of experience
  • In the event you’re not satisfied with the quality of FixiPixi’s work, you get unlimited revisions on all orders
  • Its clipping path service is world-class, providing e-commerce businesses with cleanly-extracted products


FixiPixi doesn’t provide pricing information on its website. However, you can request a quote when you sign up for a free trial here.

Bottom line

Graphic design agencies, product photographers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and professionals in a similar line of work will benefit from using FixiPixi. The company’s 12-hour turnaround time is appealing, and its 8+ years of experience inspires confidence that it delivers results.

Another appealing feature this service has is its willingness to do multiple revisions should you express dissatisfaction with its work. And its try-before-you-buy policy will appeal to you if you’re on the fence. It offers a free trial here.

8. Perfect Retouching


As is suggestive of its name, Perfect Retouching predominantly provides retouching services. The service has retouched over 115,000 photos and is excellent at retouching portraits, products, jewelry, and so on. Also, the company is serious about keeping its customers’ privacy and data security.

When you sign up for the service, you get access to a user-friendly dashboard where you can place and track orders. The company provides 24-hour support to all customers. And it upholds its reputation for delivering work on time 99.99% of the time.


  • The company is experienced and has retouched over 115,000 images, meaning you can expect high-quality work
  • All customers receive 24-hour customer support for their orders
  • Signing up for the service grants you access to a dashboard you can use to track your orders, meaning you’ll always be in the loop on your orders’ status
  • Perfect Retouching delivers orders on time 99.99% of the time, so you can expect a quick turnaround time and punctuality to deadlines
  • This service retouches jewelry professionally, so you can use it to make your jewelry products more appealing to customers


Perfect Retouching doesn’t provide pricing information on its website. However, you can request a quote here by filling out the form and uploading a sample image.

Alternatively, you can contact the company here to inquire about the price or call them at +44 2032905052. And you can email the company at hello@perfectretouching.com.

Bottom line

Perfectly Retouching is a service for product photographers and individuals. The company will transform your portrait and product photos into appealing images with the potential to drive sales. And thanks to its dashboard, you’ll be able to track your order in real-time.

Consider signing up for the service if you want your orders fulfilled on time. It offers a free trial here.

9. OMS Photo


OMS Photo specializes in “Commercial Photography, Retouching, and Video Services”. The company shoots high-quality pictures and videos according to clients’ specifications, working with professional photographers and videographers to accomplish assignments. And it retouches photos of people, products, drinks, and food.

Also, OMS Photo can help you make stunning composite images. And you can use the company’s colorways service to expand your products’ color variations so that your customers have more choices.


  • The company works with professionals to make stunning photographs and videos based on lifestyle, pets, products, food, and many other topics
  • Its professionals can make stunning composite images from your images
  • The colorways service expands your customers’ choices by giving your products more color variations, possibly driving sales
  • Its food retouching service can make your food photography more appetizing to potential customers
  • The people retouching service can edit pictures of people with skin blemishes, spots, discolorations, and similar imperfections and make them look their best


OMS Photo doesn’t provide pricing information on its website. Instead, you can contact the team by filling out the form on this page.

Bottom line

OMS Photo offers a service that’ll appeal to food photographers, e-commerce businesses, individuals, and families. Its high-quality product, portrait, and food retouching services are an excellent choice for anyone who plans to market on image-heavy social media sites like Instagram.

In addition, the company’s colorways service is an excellent money-saver for marketers who need to showcase their products in various colors but don’t have the money to order multiple samples. Check out the service here.

10. PixelPhant


PixelPhant is a photo editing service geared toward e-commerce products. The company is a self-described “one-stop image editing solution”, and it employs in-house photo editing professionals that deliver high-quality edits when fulfilling customer orders.

It offers services like skin retouching, adding shadows, removing backgrounds, clipping paths, ghost mannequins, color correction, and more. And when you sign up, you get a dashboard you can use to keep track of orders. The platform even lets you choose the deadline, and the team will work to the best of their ability to meet it.


  • Pixelphant combines in-house photo editing professionals with artificial intelligence, so you can expect high-quality work that’s processed efficiently
  • Signing up for the service grants you access to a dashboard where you can make and monitor orders transparently
  • Pixelphant lets you set the deadline for your orders and will try to meet your deadline as long as it’s within reason
  • The service can deliver your order in any file format you need, including JPG, PNG, PSD, WebP, TIF, etc.
  • It delivers its customers’ orders incredibly quickly, sometimes in less than 24 hours


Pixelphant has two pricing plans based on the number of files you process each month. The Basic plan is for users who process under 3000 files a month, while the Enterprise plan is for users who process over 3000 files per month.

Files processed under the Basic plan starting at $0.80 per image, while Enterprise plan files cost $0.40. Both plans have 24-hour turnaround times, unlimited revisions, and email and chat support.

Bottom line

Pixelphant is aimed at e-commerce businesses, photographers, and freelancers. However, many organization types and private individuals can benefit from the service. 

Consider using this service if you’re marketing products online. It delivers orders on time and in different file formats. And it provides unlimited revisions if you have issues with your order. It has a free trial here.

How Are Photo Editing Services Used? What Are Photo Editing Services?

A photo editing company is an online or offline business that offers image editing and manipulation services. These companies use graphic design software to enhance images provided by customers in various ways, including clipping objects from images, eliminating busy backgrounds, touching up human subjects, and other related tasks.

Many of these online services follow a three-step process in how they’re used. The customer uploads their images, provides written instructions detailing what they want the company to do with the images, and pays for the service. Usually, they can track their order using their account’s dashboard. And they typically receive their order 24 hours after placing it.

Wrap Up

With the photo editing companies we’ve highlighted in this article, you don’t need to be a graphic design wizard to achieve stunning photo edits. Let these experts do the heavy lifting while you concentrate on other essential aspects of your online business. Trust their skills to help you achieve professional-grade results without breaking a sweat.

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